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What are the ways to treat sebaceous filament

Sebaceous filaments:

Before talking about the treatment we should know what actually are sebaceous filament. How they come into existence and how we can recognize them as well. Basically, our skin has numerous tiny pores and trillion of hair follicles in them as well. In some areas of skin like your face especially around the nose and cheeks and other parts as armpit or groins there are numerous sebaceous glands present. Now they release a special oil which function is to keep the skin naturally moisturized. So, how does these filament arise?

Well, it depends on the type of skin. If you’ve an oily skin there’s more chances of them to arise. As more oil is produced by the sebaceous glands and it get clogged into the pores arising some dusty grey dots on your skin. You may also confuse is with blackheads which are completely different thing. A simple method to recognize whether these are blackheads or sebaceous filament is blackheads are black in colour and easily pop out when we squeeze them but sebaceous filaments are light grey in colour and do not pop out when we squeeze them. So, how we can get rid of them? Let’s introduce you some ways:


Begin with the easiest way to prevent sebaceous filaments appear on your skin. Daily cleansing would help to remove the excess oil plus dirt out from your pores. Which means no excess oil no filaments!

Baking soda:

Baking soda always do wonders. You must have heard or used it for numerous purposes. This is the most effective and cheapest way to get rid of them. All what you’ve to do is make sure your face is clean add baking soda in small amount of water and gently apply it on your face for few minutes. Rinse it with lukewarm water and here you go! Free from filaments.

Mineral oils:

Does it sounds crazy mineral oil can treat sebaceous filaments? Well, this is one of those easiest way to remove them. As you should know more oil is produced when your skin is getting dryer. Mineral oils help to keep your skin from getting dry and avoiding excess oil to produce.

Clay masks:

Clay masks are cheap to buy and effective to use. Just get them apply it and you’re free from blackheads or sebaceous filaments.

Squeezing the skin:

Squeezing skin might pop out the sebaceous filaments out of the pores and block the pores but this is a temporary solution to get rid of them.

Professional masks:

Professional masks on the other hand are costly but more effective than clay masks. As strong chemicals are present to root out sebaceous filaments.

Laser treatment:

Laser treatments one of most effective method out there. They are costly but save you from sebaceous filaments appearing again and again.


When things are worse consult a dermatologist as he would prescribe you proper antibiotics and skin creams to make things better.

As abstinence is better than treatment take proper diet and accurate intake of water. Avoid over washing your face as it leads to make your skin dry which will produce more oil.