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What are the important Canadian Visa requirements?

Canada is located in the Europe and is one the most important country over the entire continent. This is widely because Canada not only has local national but it also serves as a home to many foreigners. It is considered best by the people because in Canada there is no room for racism or other kinds of discrimination. All the communities live and work peacefully together.

Another big reason to immigrate to Canada is because of the ease of the student visa and good quality education along with chances of getting a job afterwards. Canadian student visa is very important as it gives the student a right to almost a temporary citizenship.

Importance of Canadian student visa

The Canadian student visa is very important as it gives the title of a Canadian student to the visa holder and he can study in any recognized institution of Canada. Canada offers other perks as well for student visa holders, they can also work part-time and earn for themselves and gain experience.

How to get the student visa?

There are requirements that need to be fulfilled to get the Canadian student visa. The Canada student visa requirements include the following things:

  • You must have the letter of acceptance from that institute where you are going to study and approved by the institute itself. The institute should be a registered and recognized as well.
  • You should have a valid passport and all the required documents that will be mentioned
  • You should have a bank statement proof that while you are in Canada you can pay for your tuition and all required fees.
  • That you can meet all your expenses whether it be staying somewhere or food etc. All the necessary money that needs to be paid.
  • It is also important to have a medical certificate, as to ensure that the student is coming to Canada in his best health and without any medical problem.
  • If you are being funded by a person or the university or any institute, their details as well as the bank account associated with those payments should also be mentioned.
  • To get the visa you need to have a good score in IELTS. The minimum band score you need to have as a student is 6 but a good score is considered above 6.5.

Canadian visa is not that hard to get if you fulfill all the necessary requirements. And once you have filled your form and provided all necessary documents you just need to submit and wait for a response. Once you have gotten a positive response you just need to book your tickets and fly to Canada and peruse your studies.

The best part about studying in Canada is that along with studies you can also do small internships and other jobs and can be paid for them as well. You can also bring a family member with you as well. All these perks add up and make Canada a great spot for students.