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Top Styles You Can Choose in Custom Tote Bags for Business Promotions

Tote Bags

A tote is a large bag that can serve multiple purposes. It is easy to carry around and can be made from different kinds of fabrics. Totes are affordable and serve as an excellent promotional giveaway for businesses and charities. 

Listed below are the top styles of custom tote bags that can serve as an effective marketing tool.

The Cotton Tote Bag

Cotton tote bags are durable and relatively cheaper. The material works well for personalization. The refined texture of a cotton tote bag and its eco-friendly nature make it an outstanding promotional giveaway at events and business meetings. Different varieties of cotton bags are available, such as zippered bags, jumbo bags, cotton canvas bags, etc. 

All kinds of cotton totes can be customized and used as promotional giveaway items. Cotton bags are also versatile in use and are washable. Thus, they are an easy favorite among the masses. 

Clear Vinyl Tote Bag

The clear vinyl tote looks modern and is a great option to highlight your logo and brand message. Since these custom tote bags are transparent, they quickly draw the attention of the audience. Vinyl tote bags are durable and affordable too. Vinyl tote bags differ in transparency, size, zippered and non-zippered styles, shape, etc. 

Laminated Tote Bag

Laminated non-woven or Polypropylene bags are light in weight and big enough to carry everything your event attendees require. The bag is made from 100% reusable, non-toxic material. 

The bag can be easily washed and is resistant to other chemicals like acids, solvents, etc. The fabric is an excellent option to print your logo and brand message. Laminated bags are usually larger and allow you to experiment with your creativity. 

Jute Tote Bags

Custom tote bags made from natural jute are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. This eco-friendly bag does not require much maintenance and is durable too. Promotional jute bags come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. They are strong and spacious and can carry a significant amount of weight. 

Personalized jute tote bags look stylish and are very convenient too. You may choose silk screen embroidery or sublimation printing to showcase your brand through promotional jute bags. 

Personalized Totes for Women 

If your business or event has a larger female audience, you may choose custom totes styled to attract women. Women commonly love tote bags with a glossy finish, metallic tones, and leather-made ones. You may choose sporty totes, professional corporate totes, shopping bags, or backpacks based on your customer demographic. 

Boat Tote Bags

A boat tote bag gets its name from its boat-shaped bottom. A boat tote bag can be made from canvas, nylon, cotton, or any similar fabric. With a wide bottom, the bag allows the user to carry quite a few items. 

Its broader shape makes it feel and look more like a bag than a tote. Boat totes can be used for casual outings, in offices, or as shopping bags. 

Beach Tote Bags

Beach totes come in different colors and styles. The bags are made from jute or cloth and can be easily customized to showcase the true essence of your brand. Your clients will be pleased with the convenient and spacious nature of the beach totes. 

The bags are very trendy and can be used for multiple purposes. Beach totes can be large or small, colorful, plain, sheer, or mesh in texture. You can even give out customized beach tote bags with rope handles for a more sophisticated and stylish look.

Backpack Tote Bags

Backpack tote bags look very professional and are very convenient to use. Since the backpack can be used for various purposes, you enjoy greater brand exposure. The backpack totes are attractive and elevate your brand image in the eyes of your potential clients. 

The bag offers sufficient space to print the logo with any additional designs or messages. The high utility quotient of a backpack tote makes it a favorite even among people who are not particularly fond of promotional merchandise.

Insulated Cooler Bags

The insulated cooler bags are practical products that are useful to adults and kids. A promotional insulated cooler bag adds a trendy and fun angle to your brand. 

Customized cooler bags are durable and can be reused. They are a better alternative to plastic bags and can be customized to any style and size. These custom tote bags are the perfect promotional giveaways for sporting events, team dinners, etc. 

Fold-Up Totes

Small and medium-sized fold-up tote bags are quickly turning into the newest trend among other promotional merchandise. The fold-up bag is compact, convenient, reusable, and customized to match your business requirements, making it an excellent giveaway item.