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Things you should know about hydraulic tipper trailer

The tipper trailer is among the most useful machineries around. It is a decent option for individuals who look up to demolition cleanup or rubbish removal. There are times when your standard skip bin is not capable enough to get the job done.

Therefore, you need something bigger and better to tackle with the job. This is where the hydraulic tipper trailer comes into play.

These tipper trucks can be used in order to get rid of dirt that is generally around when you proceed with the excavation work.

Moreover, you can use them in order to fill up the digs and trenches that you might have dug in an area. But before you go through with any of the job, you need to note that there are different types of tippers. Here is an overview of most used tippers and terms associated with them.

Tail lift

A tail lift tipper is a truck which is capable of lifting the bed. The bed lifts and the content residing in it would be thrown out, emptying the truck. However, the material only comes out from the backend of the tipper.


Side tipper

Next is the side tipper which is much like the tail lift. However, as the name indicates, the side tipper would tip the material to one side or the other. It is a great option for the individuals that want to fill the trenches and digs because the tail lift would probably empty most of the contents in a single place whereas you can maneuver the side tipper to do the job in a better manner.

Three way

Tail lift tipper works at the tail and the side tipper operates on the sides. The three way tipper has the ability of both the tail lift and the side tipper. This means that it can empty the contents on its sides as well as from the tail. Again it comes very handy for filling the trenches and digs. But there are job sites where you might be okay with using a side tipper or a tail tipper only. However, a certain jobs do require the use of a three way tipper.


This kind of tipper comes with a cage around the bed of the truck and is great for dealing with debris.


A pod, as the name suggests, has a pod behind the cab and is primarily used for storing numerous things.

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