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How To Exercise With Eyeglasses | Useful Tips

A Man with Eyeglasses struggling to exercise

If you currently wear eyeglasses, you might think there are some activities you just can’t do because of them. After all, glasses are expensive and having your repaired means that you won’t be able to wear them, which could have a big impact on the necessary things you have to do.

For some, this can mean they forego exercise because they don’t want to damage their glasses, or they do it, but they take their glasses off and therefore can’t see too well – this could even be dangerous.

In either case, the situation is clearly not ideal. With that in mind, here are some ways you can exercise with your eyeglasses, or at least not have any vision issues when exercising, and that will help you get fit and healthy and protect your eyesight at the same time. Read on to find out more.

Make Sure Your Eyeglasses Fit

A women exercising with eyeglasses wearing

When eyeglasses fit properly, they shouldn’t fall off, even with rigorous movements. If yours tend to slip down or even completely fall off when you’re exercising (or perhaps when you’re not moving too much and just going about your daily life), then it means they don’t fit well.

If this is the case, you’ll have a few options. You can have your current frames reshaped (this isn’t always possible, especially if they are made of plastic), or you can choose new frames that fit better. Whichever option you go for, make sure you have them fitted for you by a professional, and you won’t have any problems exercising while wearing them.

Use A Strap

A Sweatband and Glasses

If you don’t want to buy new frames or have your current ones re-fitted, you can instead wear a strap on your glasses. This strap will fix to the arms of your eyeglasses and then wrap around your head, ensuring they stay in place even if you have a full workout planned.

It’s even better if you can buy a strap that also works as a sweatband since this will stop sweat from running into your eyes and causing your glasses to get dirty and greasy. Of course, this kind of strap won’t be helpful if you intend to go swimming, but if you are on dry land, they can be ideal.

Get Eye Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Getting eye surgery might sound extreme, but it’s something that athletes do a lot of the time because they want to have great vision without glasses. You might automatically think of laser eye surgery to correct your vision, and this is certainly one option. However, if you have a specific eye condition, you can also think of surgery. The benefits of cataract surgery are well known and won’t just help with your exercising routine; it will help with every aspect of your life.

There is a lot to consider before opting for any kind of eye surgery, but if it’s something that will help you in your life and improve how well you can keep yourself fit and healthy, then it could well be the right solution for you. You’ll no longer have to wear glasses, and you, therefore, won’t run the risk of them – or you – being damaged when you are exercising.