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How to Configure a Modern Kitchen Sink without Making Mistakes?

The kitchen sink configuration is more than a functional purpose as it has an aesthetic appeal too. Some go for clean lines and a simple single bowl sink, whereas others go for a dynamic workstation. Using the kitchen area plays a deterministic role in the configuration process. Your cleaning and cooking preferences, along with budget and space, will ultimately dictate the number of sinks and bowl configurations you require.

When thinking about cost, going for two separate sinks is expensive. It will require extra installation and plumbing fixtures with other related expenses. Triple-bowl sinks are another pricey option than a double or single-bowl counterpart. Although the price range of double-bowl and single-bowl sinks is similar, the main cost has a lot to do with mounting type, sink material, size, and craftsmanship. The number of the bowl has very little to dictate here.

As a savvy homeowner, you must learn more about kitchen sink material and the installation process. You may have to delve deep into the different kitchen styles and the materials available. The modern household requires something sleek and aesthetic. You may also go for a workstation sink with a single or double bowl which often comes with a modular accessory for streamlining your cleaning and cooking purpose. Please read this article in detail to learn about the different types of sink-bowl configuration and their installation processes.

Single-bowl set up

One of the most widely used sinks is the single bowl. They are produced in huge quantities every year for the modern household. Although the triple and double-bowl model gave tough competition to single-bowl sinks, it has recently made a comeback because of several reasons. Those interested in ample counter space to prepare elaborate meals may go for a single-bowl sink that makes the process easy. It is easy to wash large pans, pots, and cutting boards. More so, the depth of a single bowl sink is ideal for hiding dirty dishes when guests pop in suddenly.

However, it has a few downsides. It is not suitable for multitasking and is not a decent option for those who hand wash the utensils. More so, washing, draining, and rinsing dishes in a single-bowl sink are a bit time consuming. You may have to arrange a dishpan on the side of the sink to keep your work going. When you think of a functional sink in the kitchen workstation, you have to consider everything from the appliances to the countertop to the dishes and much more. Although it has a few downsides, it is best for regular use and washing large items. You may also use it for performing multiple tasks at one time.

Single-sink with drain board

Another fantastic feature of a single-bowl sink is that it often comes with a countertop drain board. Since a single-bowl sink is best for hand washing the dishes, a countertop drain board helps you rinse, wash and set aside things while working. These grooves are cut in the countertop for water run-off. For this, you require a water-resistant and soft countertop material like soapstone for the fabrication process.

Double-bowl setup

A Double-bowl setup or double-bowl sink is another popular option for modern kitchens. It is a good choice for individuals who hand wash their dishes and want to multitask when working in the kitchen area. Since it has two bowls, neither of the bowls is big enough. Hence, it might be challenging to wash a large number of dishes in this setup. If you want to get more sink areas, you may convey the same to the manufacturer and see if they can customize one.

A few uniquely sized double bowl kitchen sinks come with a tiny and one large sink adjusted as per preference. Mostly, the tiny sink bowl is shallower for you to dispose of the garbage. Hence, you get more space in the other sink where you can wash your dishes and rinse them. If you have multitasking qualities, you may go for a double-bowl sink, but the one that comes with large bowls. Check out the options available in the market to see that the size is appropriate for you. You can go for 36-inch width because it will help you with more space for your kitchen tasks.

Triple-bowl set up

You may wash and rinse the dishes and keep the third sink vacant when you have a triple-bowl sink. Although it adds beauty to the kitchen setup, it takes up a good amount of usable counter space for accommodating these wide sinks. You may buy a generously sized sink available with the retailer. These options are best for those who wish to prepare sumptuous meals in no time.

Your installation guide

If you have a bustling and big kitchen, you may go for two separate sinks to help you work smoothly. You may opt for a large sink and a medium one to help you cook and clean without hassle. You may also go for a small prep sink situated in a less prominent space devoted to simple tasks. Going for two separate sinks gives you a double room, but the installation is expensive. The issue becomes costly since you have to go for different plumbing fixtures with varying plumbing charges. Irrespective of these options, you must go for a great arrangement because the kitchen is the most vital space in the house. You might spend a considerable part of your day in this area. Hence, the site must be functional, practical, aesthetic, and spacious. The more managed you are in the kitchen area; the better will be the outcome.

When you prepare your meals, you may have to do the clean-up job side by side. Hence, an ideal sink setup comes as a plus point. There are multiple advantages of single, double, and triple bowl sink setups. You have to calculate these according to your budget and requirement. Choose a sink variant that goes with your kitchen decor. It should also suit the functionality aspect to come as a complete value for money.