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How Homeowners Add Space and Protection to Their Homes with Skylight Cover

Homeowners in compact living spaces have no other choice but to be smart with their interior design. However, eliminating furniture items and other accessories isn’t a sustainable strategy. You can’t declutter essential items.
What items should you leave out to make your living spaces appear bigger? Actually, you don’t need to eliminate too many items. Interior design and décor experts recommend various efficient ways of creating the illusion of extra space in compact living spaces.
Some of them include –

  • Using multipurpose furniture items.
  • Select few furniture pieces with similar colors and aesthetics.
  • Adopt an open-plan living décor – pick light wall paints, create well-defined layouts, etc.
  • Create separate dining zones, bathroom zones, etc.
  • In long narrow spaces, hang mirrors to create the illusion of space.
  • Utilize every inch in the rooms – including the ceilings.

Wait, how can homeowners use their ceilings to maximize space? By installing well-placed skylights! In the past five years, savvy homeowners have installed skylights. By doing so, they’ve added a lot of space to their homes.

What are Skylights?

Skylights are a much-adored design feature found typically in luxury homes. They’re custom-shaped voids or chasms on ceiling floors. They allow sunlight and air to enter the room. If your home doesn’t have access to natural light, placing a skylight can have immense benefits.
Most owners of small homes rely on artificial illumination and mirrors to create the illusion of extra space. Well-designed skylights in vaulted ceilings can create amazing illumination throughout the home and make any room feel super-bright and super-spacious.

How Do Skylights Protect?

As natural light passes through the holes/voids on the lower ceilings, they pass through the open links between different floor levels. Just one skylight can energize the entire house. Technically, homeowners can control temperature levels in their rooms with their skylights.
Regulate the amount of light/heat that enters through your skylight during different periods of the day. For example, if your rooms warm up easily, install skylights that open to release rising heat.
However, these types of skylights often leak. Problems with flashing or cracks around the skylight often cause them to leak. Thankfully, there’s an easier way of regulating temperature with skylights – using covers.

What is a Skylight Cover?

Homeowners can use skylight covers to easily regulate the amount of light heat that enters through their skylights during different periods of the day. These covers can be customized. They’re made using high-strength fabrics that can absorb harsh UV rays without picking up too much damage.

How Can These Covers Protect My Home?

Here’s how these covers can help you protect your home –

  • Use covers made of waterproof fabric for protection during storms.
  • Select covers that match the aesthetics and colors of your rooms.
  • Regulate the light and brightness of your rooms manually to save money on electricity bills.
  • Covers ensure harsh UV rays don’t reach the furniture items inside the room.

These covers are easy to remove, install, or uninstall – homeowners can adjust them to suit their specific requirements – any time of the day!