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Headlights: Warning Signs of Trouble Ahead

Headlights of car

One of the most common problems people have with their cars (and more so other people’s cars) is poor headlight alignment.

Poorly aligned or the wrong headlights cause problems for both the driver of the car with the problem and for other road users.

The Problem With Headlights

In this article, we are going to look at why headlights are important and some of the common problems behind headlight alignment.

We will also look at how you can help if your car has poor lighting or no lighting at all. It is an article that should serve as a warning to drivers and, more so, other road users.

Headlights are an issue with any type of car; if you are looking to sell luxury car, or selling your sports car, you’ll need to ensure the headlights are working well, just as you would if you were looking to sell your family car.

It almost goes without saying that if you’re going to buy a car, the headlights are something you should look at.

Why Do Headlights Matter?

Car Headlights on

Headlights are an important part of your car. Indeed, the ability for you to see the road in front of you is vital to both your car’s safety and the safety of other road users.

If you can’t see where you are going or what is ahead of you, then there is a very real chance that a crash could occur between you and another vehicle or between two vehicles. 

If you can’t see what somebody behind your car wants to do, there is a very real chance that a crash could happen between two cars

or people on foot.

What Are Some of the Common Problems With Headlights?

Headlights on all vehicles, not just cars, are prone to problems in this day and age. There are many different causes for poor headlight alignment, including but not limited to:

Headlights that aren’t working or don’t work properly

Headlights not Working Properly

In order for your headlights to work, they need a source of light that is reflected off the “beams” towards you so that you can see where the road is ahead of you. 

If your car’s headlights don’t work or are broken, then there is no light being reflected off the beams towards you, and thus there is no light available for seeing where you are going.

The Headlight Beam is Too High or Low

Headlights Low or High

The reflection of light from a headlight beam is always in relation to the angle the light source (the headlight itself) is pointing at. 

If you have one of the wrong headlight beams, then your car’s headlights can’t be aimed in the correct direction giving you and other road users less visibility.

Headlights That are Too Wide

The width (or spread) of a headlamp beam has an effect on what you can see and how much light there will be depending on how far away objects are on the road ahead of you. 

If your beams are too wide, then you will be able to see things at a greater distance than with narrower beams.