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Everything to Know About Auto Proctoring

Everything to Know About Auto Proctoring

Now everything takes place online thanks to technological advancements that have taken over the world. This has resulted in more ease and convenience whether it is online shopping or gaming. Every aspect of our life has been transformed into this digital era.

Traditional Vs Online Examination

Online examination from the comfort of home has also now been possible with advanced technology. But there always doubts about their credibility as the chances of cheating are high in this mode of examination. This is because, in a traditional examination, the invigilators are always there to ensure that exams are fairly taking place as they keep an eye on the activities of the students. This is the reason why people are reluctant to this new mode of examination.

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Auto Proctoring

But technology has answers to these doubts as well in the form of auto proctoring. Auto proctoring, like proctor Google chrome extension, is one effective way of supervising that ensures no unfair practices are carried out. It ensures the reliability and credibility of the online exams thus building the trust of people in this new way of conducting the examination.

Auto Proctoring

The students are monitored ensuring they are not indulging in any suspicious activity that will hamper the reliability of these exams.  Auto proctoring ensures this without any human intervention. It is the advanced form of proctoring that reduces the chances of cheating by predicting distraction and unfair practices. Auto proctoring enhances human ability by replicating the process of human observation thus allowing them to make the right decision. It observes a red flag during the examination and thus notifies for further action.

Popularity of Auto Proctoring

Auto proctoring has become quite popular among students and institutes as it provides them with ease and convenience. It also allows for recording of the proceedings make it easier for any late reviews and assessment. This further enhances the reliability of the auto proctoring.

Requirements for Auto Proctoring

For auto proctoring to function seamlessly, certain requirements are to be fulfilled. Firstly, there is a need for a computer with a webcam that must be on throughout the exam. Secondly, the microphone must be switched on and lastly, the whole proceedings are to be recorded for any future reference.

How Does Auto Proctoring Work & Help in Online Examinations

How Does Auto Proctoring Work

Auto proctoring enables us to eliminate any chances of cheating with the help of its video, audio, and image way of proctoring. Any one of these can be used for conducting online examinations. These are explained as below:

  • Video proctoring: Under video proctoring, the whole session is recorded through the proctoring software. The exam invigilators play the recorded proceeding at their convenience and analyze the flag identified by the auto proctoring and thus see whether any unfair practices have been undertaken or not.
  • Audio Proctoring: Under audio proctoring, the software analyzes the extra sounds of the test taker environment for enabling a cheating-free environment. It helps in differentiating between the sounds that are allowed and that are not. Audio proctoring helps in identifying suspicious sounds such as mumbling, low whispers, etc. that can result in cheating activities of test-takers.
  • Image Proctoring: Under image proctoring, the photo of the test taker is captured when they appear for the exam. After some interval, it will keep on providing a random snapshot of the test taker to ensure that they do not indulge in any unfair practices. The images captured are stored for future reference to find out any discrepancies in the activities of the test taker.

All these methods of auto proctoring ensure the reliability and credibility of the online exams. With an online proctored exam, cheating chances are reduced. Hence auto proctoring has made it possible for examining fairly and squarely.

Benefits of Auto Proctoring

These ensure various benefits to its users. Some of these benefits are mentioned as below:

  • Scalability: Auto proctoring helps to attain the benefit of scalability. This is because it can easily manage a large number of students at a given time that too ensuring real-time tracking, monitoring thus leading to improved efficiencies of online exams. This also helps in reducing the burden of institutes. It enables auto-generation of reports of all the students that help in future reference.
  • Error Free: Auto proctoring reduces the chance of error as it does not get tired while proctoring a large number of students. Thus, it helps in fulfilling the massive responsibility with utmost care and caution. It helps to make predictions through studying the behavior of test-takers and thus ensures that no mistake is made by it in detecting suspicious behavior of any test taker. Through online auto proctoring there is the transparency of the whole process that can also be validated through recorded proceedings.
  • Eliminating online cheating practices: By opting for auto proctoring, the chances of online cheating also reduce significantly. Once the exam starts, the test takers are not allowed to open a new window or browsers as any opening of it will freezing and locking of the screen. Auto proctoring also permits the use of secondary devices such as USB cable, pen drive, etc. Any use of these will lead to the termination of the examination at the spot. Thus, eliminating any kind of online cheating practices on the part of test-takers.
  • Customization: The auto proctoring features can be customized according to the needs of the examination level. The authenticity level can be increased or decreased as per the type of exam being conducted. If a basic exam such as a quiz or test is being undertaken the proctoring levels will be different as compared to a high notch examination which requires a high level of supervision.
  • Cost Saving: Shifting to online auto proctoring can help to reduce the overall cost associated with the infrastructure required for setting up the examination centers, paying several supervisors, etc.  It also helps to save costs on the part of the test taker as well. As they can give the exam as per time convenience without the need of spending money to reach the test centers. All one needs online connectivity and a PC or laptop for undertaking the exam.

Bottom Line

Hence these are some of the benefits that proctoring services have made it possible to conduct online exams with no chance of unfair practices. It makes use of AI to monitor the behavior of test-takers thus making it easier to detect suspicious behavior. We can therefore say that online auto proctoring is the new way of conducting the exam.